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 Even in urban areas of Haiti, electricity remains a luxury even for rural areas. Sometimes in some urban areas, the population of Haiti can have only four (4) orfive (5) hours a day electricity.

The agricultural sector occupies a prominent place in the Haitian economy. It represents about 37% of GDP during the decade from 1986 to 2000 and provides over 21% of export earnings as the ax Mango Gros- Morne, Gonaives, Artibonite Department. It is therefore an important axis of economic recovery in Haiti. The electrification of rural areas will increase the agricultural sector's contribution to the Haitian economy and improve the competitive small Haitian farmers by the Higher Institute of Training Cooperative (ISFOCOOP) of the University Queensland (UQ) and UNICAGRIH. By promoting conservation and transformation of agricultural products in rural areas, electrification will induce improved performance of agriculture and the entire agricultural sector will be competitive in the coming years through the establishment of a Credit Agricultural Bank and Rural (BCAR) of UNICAGRIH in Haiti.

The perspective is truly terrifying in Haiti since 2014 to today approximately 7.5 meetingmillion families are food insecure according to the Credit  and Rural of Haiti (UNICAGRIH) and Higher Institute Training in Cooperative (ISFOCOOP) of the University Queensland (UQ) .This follows the strong drought in previous years, 2013, 2014, 2015 to 2016, caused among others by the phenomenon el Nino, which led to a succession of crop failures and significant livestock losses, we urgently appeal to international institutions to help the Union Cooperative Agricultural  Credit and Rural in Haiti (UNICAGRIH) so that we can help.

This year, with late spring rains and irregularity, the situation could worsen in rural areas of Haiti affected. It is essential to help small Haitian farmers to organize themselves to ensure the next harvest and feed the country. If nothing is done to Haiti could face a famine besides natural disasters.

It is the commitment of the Union Cooperative Agricultural Credit and Rural of Haiti (UNICAGRIH) that accompanies since 2014 small farmers, beekeepers, rural women and young people in economic difficulties which their only dream is to migrate to other countries or take the Boat People. The UNICAGRIH considering working to develop 15 to 25 cereal banks to store the grain in anticipation of scarcity periods and improve the income of small Haitian farmers.

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