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Activities and Strategies UNICAGRIH

The UNICAGRIH was founded with the aim to fight against misery and poverty in Haiti. The Union Cooperative Agricultural Credit and Rural of Haiti (UNICAGRIH) as part of work to improve the living conditions of small farmers and to open its various activities in the following areas:

- Rural Micro Credit (MCR) for agricultural production

- Financing System and Agricultural Insurance (SYFAA) of UNICAGRIH

- Agricultural Credit for small farmers in Haiti

- Rural Credit to small craft and rural businesses

- Credit Education for Youth

- Rural credit for small businesses to women farmers

- Credit to small farmers in Haiti

- Lending to small fishermen in Haiti

- Credit to small agribusiness enterprises and processing of agricultural products

- Credit to small beekeepers in Haiti

-Agricultural Credit in border areas of Haiti

- Credit for Haitian migrants deported to Haiti

- Education Savings

- Health insurance for small Haitian farmers

Rural Micro Credit Program (MCR) for agricultural production in Haiti's main mission is to reduce rural poverty through greater promotion of access to credit for small farmers, small producers, small beekeepers, rural women and youth, to enable them to increase production and significantly improve their income.

It will be implemented by the various annexes Union Cooperative Agricultural Credit and Rural of Haiti (UNICAGRIH) established in several departments of Haiti and is part of the technical support of the Higher Institute of Cooperative Training (ISFOCOOP) of the University Queensland (UQ) to agricultural production in rural areas of Haiti.

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