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The first Vision of UNICAGRIH

To help the poorest of the poor to the rural Communities of Haiti and become a cooperative model in agricultural credit, rural credit and work to the economic development with rural women, the small Haitian producers and the Haitian youth.

The vision of UNICAGRIH is to be a leader of the agricultural credit and rural credit development model and participatory approach to affect true and lasting transformation about the rural communities of Haiti.

UNICAGRIH’s beginning years 2014 and 2015 were rooted in the conviction of the Union of Haitian Farmers (UHP) and the Development organization OADEPROPAH Haiti, and Queensland University (UQ) that they called to help the poorest of the poor in the rural communities of Haiti. This led to their vision that shaped the UNICAGRIH constitution and their subsequent move to the rural areas of Ferrier, Fort-Liberte in 2014. It was, indeed, a daring beginning for Queensland University (UQ) Haiti, and then Mr. Jean-Claude Dorsainvil has taken the decision to create this cooperative in Ferrier on the Campus of Queensland University (UQ) Haiti.


The true cooperative model is

-          Provides much needed  infrastructure at the rural community level where there exists none and no person to help

-          Is designed to address economic adversity

-          Is a democratic model requiring transparency and accountability

-          Requires individual commitment and cooperation between

-          Adheres to the seven international priciples of cooperatives

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P.O.Box 13042 Delmas
Nord-est, Fort-Liberté, entrée route Ferrier Dorly
Campus of Queensland University (UQ)
Delmas 33, Village Montpellier, 3 Rue St - Paul
Phone (509) 22 09-6016 / 3908-8904 / 4221-4598