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We endeavor to encourage self-sufficiency in the rural and urban areas of Haiti; to work at the grassroots to introduce appropriate technology, education and training bring hope to members of the Union Cooperative Agricultural Credit and Rural of Haiti (UNICAGRIH), encouragement and resources to help rural communities work out solutions to their adversities and together, hand in hand we can do better between us.

In Haiti the poorest small Haitian farmers has not access to the credit and the majority of the Haitian young are obliged to migrate  by Boat People near the Nassau Bahamas, Brazil, Chili and other Caribbean countries.

We believe in the inherent right for every person and every small Haitian producers to own self-respect and to know self-worth in the rural and urban areas of Haiti.

We believe that dignity is achieved through an ability to provide for ourselves, our family and all the poorest of the poor small Haitian farmers our fellow man.

What we do and where we are in Haiti

The Union Cooperative Agricultural Credit and Rural of Haiti (UNICAGRIH) is a fully registered Haitian Cooperative Organization that was established by the Jean-Claude Dorsainvil and IzelleDubuisson D in May 2014 and taking place in June 1, 2014. UNICAGRIH’s working arm in the rural and urban of Haiti with the poorest of the poor.

Union Cooperative Agricultural Credit and Rural of Haiti (UNICAGRIH) has actively been promoting the productive agricultural and rural credit in Haiti since 2014. This model is viewed as the most appropriate when addressing the economic issues of poverty, and given a context where in the Haiti lack political will, national infrastructure, and general security.

UNICAGRIH, along with its working arm in Haiti has received global demand for an effective adherence to the participatory approach when undertaking sustainable development activities, particularly among the rural poor areas of Haiti.

The founding principles are guided by a vision of addressing the roots of poverty in the rural areas of Haiti where the majority of the Young, women and man are obliged to take Boat People for Nassau, Bahamas, Miami and other countries as Brazil, Chili and the Caribbean regions, namely to foster an environment of economic productivity appropriate to rural communities of Haiti.

However the mission of UNICAGRIH is to promote the elements of self-respect which is understood to be rooted in productivity, rural credit and ownership and self-reliance. The original constitution created in May 2014,cites the following ancient Haitian proverb:pitipitichaj pa lou, an nou tout mete men. An nouprandemennou nan men.

The objectives of the UNICAGRIH are to foster economic development and social transformation in the rural areas of Haiti through the productive agricultural and rural credit model. The UNICAGRIH provides resources and introduces appropriates technology to communities who desire to advance themselves economically by participating in the Cooperative model as guided by the international Principles of Cooperative.

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P.O.Box 13042 Delmas
Nord-est, Fort-Liberté, entrée route Ferrier Dorly
Campus of Queensland University (UQ)
Delmas 33, Village Montpellier, 3 Rue St - Paul
Phone (509) 22 09-6016 / 3908-8904 / 4221-4598